CRT CargoSprinter details:

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Maximum Speed: rated to 120 kph


Unique features include:


The CRT CargoSprinter heralds a new era in railsí participation in 3rd party logistics in the Australian Supply Chain market.

CRT Group specialise in the development of customer tailored supply chain solutions and the use of rail for its depot to depot/warehouse to warehouse linehaul function has been a key element in this process.

The CargoSprinter freight train technology will further enable CRT Group to deliver smarter logistics solutions with greater flexibility and efficiencies to its customers with the introduction of an inhouse CRT CargoSprinter rail service.

With impressive track performance capabilities the CRT CargoSprinter offers additional environmental benefits by delivering significant CO2 emission reductions, a factor acknowledged by the federal Governments Greenhouse Office.

The CRT CargoSprinter will be incorporated into future CRT Group supply chain solutions offerings along with a substantial range of existing CRT capabilities that has seen it win innovation and performance awards in the transport, warehousing and packaging fields.

(Source: CRT Group)

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